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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Top bowler betting is an option to place your wager on the bowler that performs the best in terms of wicket-taking, dot balls, and fewer runs in most deliveries. Make an assumption about the bowler who is likely to take the most wickets while giving fewer runs.

Odds are simply the chances of winning a wager. Cricket betting odds refer to the chances of winning different kinds of bets for the player. For example, in a simple coin toss, there can be two outcomes. So the odds of winning a wager on a coin toss is 50%.

Depending on the gambling service, the minimum bet can be as low as half a dollar. In Parimatch, the minimum wage on cricket is around 50 INR, and there is no limit to the highest bet taken, so gamble responsibly.

Edit bet is the facility given by bet365 to make any changes in the bets that have been already placed but are unsettled. For ease, you can add more bets, swap the bets and even delete or remove the selections that you no longer want to bet on.

There are many gambling options and types, But there are basically four formats that consist of many other types. Those are:Match betting: Winner/loser, best batter, best bowler, etc.; Team propositions: Winner of a match/tournament, team scores, etc.; Player propositions: Player of the game, half-centurion/centurion, etc.; In-play propositions: Run per over, run in next ball, etc.

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