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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your selected captain is your leader and just like real life you don't go changing your captain every match, therefore to keep within the sprit of the game and make it life a bit more challenging we felt that it would be more fun to make you think more about your team overall rather than a match-by-match basics. If your Captain is under performing you can always transfer them but don't say we didn't warn you it will cost you!

If a player is ruled out of a series due to injury or other unexpected circumstances then you will receive an extra transfer onto top of your competition allocation to enable you to exchange the injured player. This rule is the same for captains as it is for any member of your team.

All player transfers are instantaneous if a competition is "Open", if a match is in progress the modifications will become "Pending" all "Pending" transfers will be completed once the points have been updated for the current match. If there is more than one game in progress on that particular day, the pending changes will apply at the conclusion of all games in progress.

All player points that you have earned remain with you for the duration of the competition. However any player bought in mid competition will start on zero points for you, regardless of how many points they have scored before hand, and the previous player will be transferred to the "Modifications Listing" under "Your Current Teams".

Unlimited transfers can be made prior to a competition starting, once a competition is underway there is a transfer limit in place (varies on a competition basics due to different lengths) and can be used to replace out of form players or just a managerial tactical change.

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