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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please let us know right away if we do not cover the event or market (or even sport!) that you are interested in betting on. We always listen to our users and expanding our sports betting product something we are always eager to do.

Again, we want to let you play the games that you want to play, so if there is a betting game that you enjoy playing that isn't on the site then do let us know and we'll work hard to make sure it is available on the site.

Yes, very much so! Our leaderboards and past prize draws show real people! You can also pop into our chat room to discus India Bet with other players. We are always interested in new ways of how to show this “real people” data so please do contact us if you have any ideas.

Of course we can. We have a few articles on understanding betting in general and are working on a selection of tutorial videos about our own betting product.

We have a regularly updated set of prize leaderboards which offer some amazing prizes for simply betting on your favourite sports! Check out our list of prize leaderboards to see what is currently active and what is coming soon.

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